MtEverClimb - Continuous Rope Climbing System

The Continuous Rope Climbing System

Achieve a Total-Body Workout
MtEverClimb is a revolutionary, continuous rope-climbing machine that simulates actual rope climbing — one of the oldest forms of successful physical training. This one piece of equipment enables users to achieve a full-body strength and cardio workout. Some of the benefits achieved through this anaerobic and aerobic training include increased strength, lean body mass, improved posture, improved muscle balance, and increased bone density.

Safer than Conventional Rope Climbing
Users attain the ultimate fitness program, but in a safer format than conventional rope climbing. Numerous safety and adjustable features allow individuals to exercise at their own pace with minimal stress, accommodating users at any workout level. It offers a controlled environment within a limited amount of space for a safe climbing experience, making it especially ideal for any setting — educational, military, medical and commercial — where safety and liability are a concern.

Keep Strong, Lean and Fit
MtEverClimb brings back a safe and modern version of the type of equipment found in the fun old-time gym with beautiful hardwood floors, where everybody had a heck of a good time and gained an incredible workout. Activity on this uncomplicated, classic equipment — bars, rings, pommel horses, balance beams, tumbling mats and climbing ropes kept everyone strong, lean and fit.

Get Back To Basics
For people aiming to develop some old fashioned strength and fitness, facilities striving to bring in new customers and keep the old ones captivated, or for organizations accommodating healthier employees and patients. MtEverClimb can and will deliver these broad fitness benefits.